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What does it mean to be a QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor?
As Certified Pro Advisors, we are experts in QuickBooks installation, setup, payroll, reporting, and other day-to-day functions of the software.
If I hire a bookkeeper or a bookkeeping service, will I need to replace my accountant (CPA)?
NO. We perform bookkeeping services only and take guidance from your current CPA. Since we do not perform audits or attest services, your CPA does not need to be concerned that we are here to replace them. We value your relationship with your CPA and look to enhance the day to day record keeping so your CPA can make informed decisions. We help eliminate the frustration that can arise between the CPA and the clients due to inadequate bookkeeping—the client believes they are charged too much by the CPA for simple bookkeeping service, and the CPA cannot charge full value for his or his staff's time for bookkeeping services.
What is the difference between a bookkeeper and an CPA/Accountant?
A bookkeeper handles the day-in-day-out financial record keeping and reporting. An accountant specializes in the preparation and filing of taxes and the forensic attestation of financial statements. Having a good bookkeeper is just as important to the growing business as having a good accountant.

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